I think I'm a pretty lucky woman.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe I’ve been able to travel to all the places that I have.

You have to understand – family vacations didn’t exist, ever, really. Bar that one time we went to Sanibel for 4 days and got eaten up by bed bugs.

So for me to have experienced so many incredible places, while truly believing for the majority of my life that I wouldn’t be able, almost seems preposterous.

No stranger to economy class and ‘plebeian’ accommodations, I’ve realized that having to penny pinch for a lot of my travels have been a blessing in disguise. Initially, I could never afford activities, or even day tour guides, for that matter.

Having to rely on meeting people, being vulnerable, and asking for help made me better appreciate socially responsible travel, adventures off the beaten track, and the value of truly connecting with people through their stories and experiences.

Palawan, Philippines

palawan, philippines

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe + Zambia

Victoria Falls: Zim + zam

Casablanca + Marrakesh, Morocco

Casablanca + Marrakesh


NAmibia, all over!

Amazon River, Peru

On the Amazon River, Peru

Charleston, South Carolina

5 days in Charleston, SC